Destinys Signature Bass



Born 2012 12 14

* Basse-Sune 15 month*

Hips A-A Elbows 0-0


Eye clear


EIC free by parents


Show CC

US CH Blackwing Superfine

US CH Allegheny´s Gem Of Caer Bren

US CH Allegheny´s Bells Of Ireland

Dickendall Buckstone Superman

US CH Wit´s End Windfall Vegas Showgirl

Wit´s End Jacks Better At Blackw



CH Seawind Polish Poker

Lobuff Hollyridge The Avaitor

DK SE U CH Lobuff-Shannon US Major Attraction

Shannon´s Amethyst Dreams

Annual´s Midsummer Girl

Annual´s Navy Girl

CH Jancourt Natur Star




Annual´s Creme Fraiche